Searching For Sugar Man [Documentary]

• 2013/01/13 • Sony Pictures • Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock •

Sugar Man |Sandrevan Lullaby – Lifestyles | Street Boy

Director: Malik Bendjelloul


You go home but you can’t stay, because something’s always pulling you away.” — “Street Boy”

My wife comes home this evening and says to me that she rented a video from red box. Something called, “Sugar-Man, I think it’s a documentary.” What if I told you one of the greatest musicians to ever strap on the guitar, you have never heard and he was bigger than the Rolling Stones? What if I told you this artist committed suicide on stage by pouring gas over his entire body and setting himself a blaze?  “It was probably the most grotesque suicide in rock history,” says a South African man to open the video. Turns out to be my favorite music documentary I have ever seen.

Sixto Diaz Rodriguez


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