Calla: Televise

• 2003/01/28 • Arena Rock • Alternative/Indie Rock •

Don’t Hold Your Breath | As Quick As It Comes/Carrera | Televised


“If I could tell You, I would. All I know is I thought I saw You crawl back for more.” — “”

Found this album a few years back while spending random late hours in a deserted design studio. I will admit I never spent as much time with “Scavengers” which is why my bias lies with “Televise,” so no judgment here if that is your preference. Still one of my favorite albums to visit from time to time. Never felt like this band got a fair shake or the dice to really land their way. Our loss. Slightly vague and haunting music with a subtle noisy quality that creeps along at the perfect clip for isolated listener with no place to roam.


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