Grouplove: Never Trust A Happy Song

• 2011/09/13 • Atlantic • Alternative/Indie Rock •

Itchin’ On A Photograph | Tongue Tied | *Betty’s A Bombshell*


“Billy’s a looker, he’s from upstate. He ran into Betty and he took her on a date.” — “Betty’s A Bombshell”

One of my favorite songs from 2011 is “Betty’s A Bombshell.” A quick little relationship story about a couple that things probably didn’t work out for. It has shout outs and call outs and though it is not an overly complicated song it is very enjoyable with quick echos and “ha ha’s”. The most notable song from the album is “Tongue Tied” which I want to say at one point I saw on an Apple commercial. It is a fun and catchy record and one many who listen are bound to become fond of. I find them to be similar to Foster the People in many ways, but they have a flare much their own.



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