Sparta: Wiretap Scars

• 2002/08/13 • Dreamworks • Alternative/Indie Rock, Post-Hardcore, Emo •

Cut Your Ribbon | Air | Collapse


“Up till now been riding fine, yeah, but the curving walls leave me behind.” — “”

The dismembering of the band At the Drive-In gave the music world two wonderfully yet distinctively different bands. The Mars Volta was the more experimental group, while Sparta was the more melodic group. Yet, both carried with them guitar rockin power. The more accessable of the two was Sparta, providing the listener a more linear path and space to contemplate the music and breathe. After forming they produced an album that grabs you right at the first song and refuses to let go. The guitar work is top-notch, as well as sharp and edgy vocals take the listener immediately to a state where they have to hear whats next. If it were a book it would be considered a page turner. As close as art can get to perfect!



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