Arcade Fire: Reflektor

• 2013/10/28 • Merge • Alternative/Indie Rock 

Reflektor | We Exist | Here Comes the Night Time | It’s Never Over (Hey Orpheus)


“Will I See you on the other side?” — “Reflektor”

Behold the rare instance where pre-release hype and expectations are not only met, but wildly surpassed. Realizing such a statement tiptoes the line of hyperbole here, but this feels a lot like we’re witnessing a Kid A or Achtung Baby kind of moment, maybe with an emphasis more on a modification of sound as opposed to a sheer reinvention as heard on the aforementioned albums. There are a lot of favorite moments on this album waiting to be discovered, from the unexpected dance grooves of “Reflektor” to the not-so-surprising quirk of “Here Comes the Night Time” to the Beatles-esque musical journey of “Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice).” Go ahead and find your moment.

Arcade Fire in “Here Comes the Night Time” — This 22-minute variety performance is a must watch, and finds Arcade Fire doing their best spin on U2’s tongue-in-cheek ZOO TV tour circa 1991, Bono cameo and all.

Arcade Fire

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