Deer Tick: Negativity

“I don’t want to be your bargaining chip.

[Partisan REcords] • 2013/09/24 • Style: Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Folk, Alt-Country

After reading a few recent blurbs about John McCauley’s tough year, the title of this record seems fitting. Hopefully he found the creation of this album therapeutic. For the most part, gone is McCauley’s reckless delivery from his early work which really caught my attention (think Born on Flag Day, “Easy” and “Smith Hill”). But this rough gravely voice while showing more control still packs a bite, especially when conveying songs that feel pain every time he pushes out a vocal.  ~jk

L&M Picks:  The Rock | The Dream’s in the Ditch | Pot of Gold

The Rock


The Dream’s in the Ditch

Plus a live version with additional songs/interviews via WERS


Pot of Gold

Live at SiriusXM


Mirror Walls


Just Friends




Smith Hill


Cover Harvey Danger’s “Flagpole Sitta” for AV Club


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