Hum: Downward is Heavenward

“A dusty sleep you took too soon. And you, you need watering if you are to bloom.

[RCA] • 1998/01/27 • Style: Alternative/Indie Rock, Space Rock

For me, Hum are the Barry Sanders of the music world. They had scored a hit in “Stars” and then followed it up another spectacular space rock jamming trip only to be packed in by the different trials of the music industry. The constant moving and hard-hitting, yet melodic guitar work, mixed with crafty quirky lyrics, and a consistent playlist throughout will leave you in awe. What they could have done with one or two more albums makes me ache in pain.  ~jk

L&M Picks:  Isle of the Cheetah | If You Are to Bloom | Dreamboat

Isle of the Cheetah


If You Are to Bloom




Full Album


Stars” (You’d Prefer an Astronaut | 1995)

Their biggest hit.


“I Hate It Too” (You’d Prefer an Astronaut | 1995)

Amazing slow building song. My favorite from Hum.


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