MICHAEL GUNGOR On The Problem With The Christian Music Industry

Great article by Michael here. Me and my wife have this conversation all the time. Confession only read the first part about the music before going into the subculture so I might have missed something. That said I should probably finish this article but there is only so much time so hopefully I got the gist. This guy is right. But I would also say that there are good bands that play secular positive music that many people downplay (Which is why he probably ends up 9 out of 10). There is also a huge shift to Worship music that sounds nothing like secular music and maybe it shouldn’t. (think about the albums Martin Smith of Delirious is releasing this year). After all people are creating this stuff they are not taking the most recent Miley song and just changing the lyrics (maybe they are – hahaha). People love depressing music (me included) much of what makes rock music special, but is hard to curtail into a religious state. Artists like Mates of States who create very happy music — often are critiqued as being “too sugary”. They make great music but too sweet for some. It’s not Christian music but it is critiqued as if it were. I surf through a lot of music and I would say that there is a lot of music that is secular that gives me the popular Christian music vibe. Let’s face it there are a lot of bands out there and aside from the radio their music has a Christian feel to it (i.e. Guster).
Some great Christian bands that may sound Christian but have the music to push it past which is what I think this guy is saying (you might disagree, these are my ears): Plankeye, Quale, Nouveaux (last album), jars of clay, Ten Shekal Shirt, Aaron Sprinkle/Poor Old Lu, Anberlin, some Bleach, Blindside, POD, Mute Math, FSF, Kosmos Express, Embodyment, Emery, Josh Garrels, MeWithOutYou, Skillet, Switchfoot, Sixpence, Pete Stewart, Shawn McDonald, DC Talk, Underoath, Norma Jean …There is more trust me. I know people that absolutely love artist like Norma Jean and to call there music non genuine because of the scream and rage that you personally hear should not label those who hear the beauty that it envokes. It makes the person saying this sound short sided and slightly ignorant. Then there are others that sound Christian but you would be making a great error to ignore them. Some: Fono, Three Crosses, Shaded Red, Jennifer Knapp, Needtobreathe, Satellite Soul, Telecast, Delirious, Audio Adrenaline, Third Day, Small Town Poets.
There are others like Jeremy Enigk (Sunny Day Real Estate), Matt Kearney, Sufjan Stevens, Chevelle, Lifehouse, the Fray, Over the Rhine, who are not mentioned in Christian Music Industry but are there none the less linked in some way. Or even those who question or are searching the spiritual like Iron and Wine who we don’t analyze like we do Christian music. I would say the fact that we play this game (Christian or Secular) not only says something about the music being chosen and played but about us as Christians and Music people and expectations in general. It’s the same reason when we get a new cd of our favorite bands and we want to like it and we aren’t blown away at first we must begin the process of listening until we understand the album more. We don’t always give albums this kind of chance. And I would say the Christian Music industry doesn’t give their fans enough credit and allow their artist the chance to shine like a few I noted earlier I believe have. ~jk

Five great songs:
Plankeye – “Who Loves You More?”

MeWithoutYou – “Fox’s Dream of the Long Flume”

Skillet – “Scarecrow”

Blindside – “Pitiful”

Quayle – “Superman Sun”

Click here to listen






Date: Monday, December 9, 2013

Hey Everyone,

As promised earlier, after the incredible buzz around his blog post below in the past week (there have been more than 360,000 views of this blog post in the past 7 days) Michael Gungor expressed to me a desire to write a follow-up blog post to this original post he wrote almost 2 years ago.

I am excited to announce that Michael emailed me his follow-up blog post that he just finished two days ago, and you can read it immediately, by clicking on the link below.

Michael Gungor: A Follow-Up To My Blog Post On The Problem With The Christian Music Industry





When you are in a touring band, there is a lot of time that is…

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