East India Youth: Total Strife Forever

• 2014/01/14 • Stolen Recordings • Indie Electronic, Indie Pop •

Glitter Recession | Dripping Down | Heaven, How Long | *Looking for Someone*Song for a Granular Piano


“I know you feel something” — “Looking For Someone”

William Doyle’s solo debut under the guise of East India Youth is a heady effort, slaloming back and forth from dreamy electro-pop to ambient, if not futuristic, cinemascapes.  Doyle’s overall craftsmanship is unquestioned, as each track is rich and complex in its own structure, though an overall cohesiveness to the album is at times difficult to grasp.  Of the 11 total songs only four contain vocals, several of which sparsely at that, and while Doyle’s voice is a deft falsetto that complements the synth work, its placement is sometimes a jarring contrast to the majority of the album which plays like a gorgeously lush sci-fi soundtrack.  It’s not to say any of it is bad, mind you.  In fact, none of it is.  “Looking for Someone” is an infectious piece of pop that chugs and chugs until finally exploding into a soaring crescendo, standing out as the record’s most readily accessible and radio friendly track.  Meanwhile, the  opener “Glitter Recession” is an apt primer for the album as a whole, building layer upon layer of piano and synthesizer in a wonderfully cinematic way that seamlessly segues into the next track, “Total Strife Forever I.” Ultimately, despite the occasional wrestling with its own identity and the fact that we live in an iTunes-centric world of one-track-at-a-time listening, Total Strife Forever is a record best taken on the whole from beginning to end.

East India Youth


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