Snowmine: Dialects

• 2014/02/04 • Mystery Buildings • Alternative/Indie Rock •

To Hold an Ocean | *Rome* | Columbus | Plans | Silver Sieve


“My legs took me where my mind refused to go.” — “Rome”

Falling somewhere between the Broken Bells minus the digitized hooks and Grizzly Bear minus the quirky outbursts, and maybe sounding most like a straight-shooting Boxer Rebellion, Snowmine offers up a shimmering  slice of  magic with Dialects, the Brooklyn outfit’s second full-length release.  “Rome” is a relentlessly driving track, and arguably the best and brightest, showcasing the band’s skill in crafting richly layered tunes, orchestral accompaniment and all.  From there the album twists and grows organically, each song glowing at the roots with the same recipe of chiming guitars and beautiful harmonies, and yet each distinctly unique.

And if you happen to like what you hear, swing by the band’s website ( ) to read up on their current crowd funding campaign.  Similar to what you’d find on Kickstarter, the band is offering exclusive goodies in return for your donations to help support the band as they try to get on their feet without the backing of a record label.  This may very well be the music industry of the future.


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