Sun Kil Moon: Benji

• 2014/02/11 • Caldo Verde • Singer/Songwriter, Alternative/Indie Rock 

Carissa | *I Can’t Live Without My Mother’s Love* | Pray for Newton | Jim Wise | I Love My Dad | I Watched the Film the Song Remains the Same | Micheline | Ben’s My Friend


“When I was a kid my dad brought home a guitar he got from Sears…I still practice a lot but not as much as Nels Cline.” — “I Love My Dad”

You know writers who when asked about one of their characters, respond like they don’t control them. As if the character is going to just do what they are going to do. That’s how I feel about Mark Kozelek. He never seems to end a song how it seems he sets out to and this time around the songs are more introspective: sometimes cheery, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes horrifying, and sometimes just hard to make it through.  He sings as if not knowing the direction and with a slight distraction in his voice. It works because it sounds like he is thinking while he is singing. Like you were there when he wrote it, like you are in on the process. His sprawling thoughts require the listener to pay attention. If you get distracted during a listen you will go back because you will want to know how you got the point he has taken you. He is one of the best guitarists and writers going.

Mark Kozelek


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