tUnE-yArDs: Nikki Nack

• 2014/05/06 • 4AD • Alternative/Indie Rock •

Water Fountain Time of Dark | *Real Thing* | Hey Life | Sink-O | Wait For A Minute | Left Behind


“He gave me a dollar, a blood-soaked dollar. I cannot get the spot out, but it’s okay it still works in the store.” — “Water Fountain”

mErRiLl gArBuS & nAtE bReNnEr are not normal and neither is Nikki Nack. This team of crack pots have concocted another delightfully menacing, loud, and proud album filled with the stop and go jaggedy edges only they could supply. Similar in style to the albums predecessors (though possibly with smoother transitions musically) the album is filled with witty sayings like, “I come from the land of slaves, let’s go Redskins, let’s go Braves,” and , “Don’t ever pay me, I look good in debt”, or the absurd, “Now life is a shadow of the butt.” And this is just one song!




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