Coldplay: Ghost Stories

• 2014/20/05 • Atlantic/Parlophone • Alternative/Indie Rock, Pop-Rock  

Always In My Head | Magic | *True Love* Midnight | A Sky Full of Stars

coldplay - ghost stories

“So tell me you love me, and if you don’t then lie, lie to me.” — “True Love”

Coldplay’s new album is subtle, soft, mellow, and all kinds of enjoyable, pretty much a reflection of their bands’s earlier life. When Coldplay released the songs, “Magic” and “Midnight”, earlier this year Ben asked me what I thought. Here were my thoughts, “I appreciate [Coldplay’s] attempts to try what they would like. I like that they kind of took a step back from the grandiose adventures they had been taking me on with their last two albums because they do minimalist so well, its nice to see. Plus Martin’s voice is one of my favorites and I really like that they are highlighting it on these two songs. And adding the electronics to his voice (though overused these days — it seems) they haven’t really done much, so it is cool to hear.” Now that I have heard the album, I think my comments still work with the album as well.




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