Shocking Pinks: Guilt Mirrors

• 2014/02/18 • Stars & Letters • Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Electronic, Shoegaze •

Not Gambling | Ten Years | *My Best Friend* | Soapsudds | Love Projection (Dedicated to Jerry Fuchs) | Keep Dreaming | St. Louis (Featuring Gemma Syme) | A Million Times


“I felt like an apple with no core” — “Ten Years”

Guilt Mirrors is New Zealander Nick Harte’s mega music sampler. Here we are presented some 35 some odd songs on three discs. The thing is much of it is obnoxious and at first glance it appears the listener must put up with a lot to screen the gold from the pile. Luckily the band helps us out here and puts out a limited edition pink vinyl (if you can find a copy), with the important songs highlighted, you can find a list here at the band’s bandcamp site or I’ve listed them below. Unfortunately in the digital download one of the standout tracks has been removed, though I couldn’t find any good reason for this, it’s title “Double Vision Version”. After getting to the goodies of the album we are left with an electronic drum emphasized mixer that leaves a creative vibe throughout play of the albums mainstay songs, it is definitely worth a listen and the time, at least the best songs on the album. What’s on the vinyl: Track-listing: A1 – Not Gambling / A2 – DoubleVisionVersion / A3 – Love Projection / A4 – What’s Up With That Girl? / A5 – Vendetta / B1 – Motel / B2 – Slightly Killed / B3 – My Best Friend / B4 – St Louis / B5 – Therearenorivershere / B6 – Glass Slippers

Shocking Pinks

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