Nothing: Guilty of Everything

• 2014/03/03 • Relapse • Alternative/Indie Rock, Shoegaze, Noise Rock 

Hymn To The Pillory | DigBent Nail | Somersault*Get Well* | Guilty of EverythingNothing_GuiltyOfEverything150

“On nights as dark as this black, black, black clouds still follow us around.” — “Get Well”

Have you ever wanted to listen to music and realize you have left your headphones at home? The problem is, you are in a place that cannot have too much noise and so you have to strain slightly to hear the music through the other noise. That sort of conscience strain is what listening to Nothing is like. Nothing plays shoegaze rock that slightly muted, it at times is aggressive and at others somewhat tranquil. Listen and find out what nothing you prefer.


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