Toumani Diabaté: Toumani & Sidiki

 • 2014/05/19 • World Circuit/Nonesuch • World, West African, Kora 

Hamadoun Toure | Rachid Ouiguini | Toguna Industries | *Lampedusa* | Bagadaji Sirifoula | Dr Cheikh Modibo Diarra
First of all, I enjoy and appreciate the music of Toumani Diabaté, I learned of this kora player while listening to Ali Farka Touré on an album they shared. Toumani Diabaté’s music is expressive, fragile and soothing. For now, I have a limited understanding of African music and the musicians who play the music. Luckily it does not take a African music aficionado to realize his brilliance. I decide to place the World Circuit videos above because they are interesting and insightful and to help others who enjoys this music to learn as well. I hope you enjoy this music.

Toumani Diabate

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