Lykke Li: I Never Learn

 2014/05/06 • Atlantic • Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Pop 

*No Rest For the Wicked* | Just Like A Dream | Silver Line | GunshotLove Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone | Heart of Steel


“My heart cracked, really loved you bad.” — “Gunshot”

The Swedish pop singer, Lykke Li, releases her third album and one which will grow on your ears with each additional listen. Much of Lykke Li’s music has a slower pace than it feels it should — its like pop music in third gear. One would think this might be a problem, but it is much the opposite, the pace allows you to be totally present in her sobering down trottenness. On first listen I wasn’t taken by the songs, since those early listens this album has blossomed to my ears and has patiently revealed it’s steady passion behind them.

Lykke Li

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