Luluc: Passerby

• 2014/07/15 • Subpop • Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Folk 

Small Window | Passerby | Winter is Passing*Tangled Heart*Reverie on Norfolk StreetLuluc_Passerby

“Oh, the trees without their leaves, tap each other in the cold breeze, it’s an ominous sound.” — “Winter is Passing”

As with many albums what draws me in at first is a band’s cover art, the record label they play for and then the genre (Hint: that’s why I like to show that with each of my recommendations, in fact I would say that is all you need to find new music you will enjoy). And Luluc have a lovely album cover, play on Subpop, and play indie folk — so I think I will have a listen. Zoë Randell and Steve Hassett release their second album (the first I have heard of them) and it is pure indie folk calmness. The songs are patient and light and yet still come out bold. I find myself wanting to listen again and again.


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