Cloud Control: Dream Cave

• 2013/09/17 • Votiv • Alternative/Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Indie Pop • Dojo Rising | Promises | Scar “Even if I try. I will not lie, I want to Scar!” — “” This album is slightly top heavy but its dreamy and delightful songs make the waves such a nice ride you cannot help but enjoy yourself. Cloud Control  

Kurt Vile: Walkin on a Pretty Daze

• 2013/04/09 • Matador • Alternative/Indie Rock, Lo-Fi • Walkin on a Pretty Day | Snowflakes are Dancing | Goldtone “Been diggin layin low, low, low.” — “” I almost blew it. Kurt Vile’s music has never really grabbed me just right for some reason, so it took me a while to find the time to listen. Luckly it cracked…

Smith Westerns: Soft Will

• 2013/06/25 • Mom & Pop Music • Alternative/ Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Lo-Fi • 3am Spiritual | Idol | White Oath “You don’t look like you did on t.v.” — “3am Spiritual” I am so happy from the very first song. Smith Westerns turn to a more end-of-the-summer-relaxed feel with timely guitar features. Smith Westerns