Andy Shauf: The Party

• 2016 • Anti/Epitaph • Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Pop •
Andy Shauf returns to the party (a casual one, I might actually enjoy) and as a good party guest he has brought the proper soundtrack for the entire evening.

Lost In The Trees: Past Life

• 2014/02/18 • ANTI • Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Folk • Excos | Past Life | *Daunting Friend* | Rites | Sun | Night Walking | Upstairs “For a moment I swear, you scared me just to scare me.” — “Excos” Ari Picker is the man behind, Lost in the Trees. I have listened to Past Life more than most albums this year. The…

Keaton Henson: Birthdays

• 2013/04/09 • ANTI • Alternative/Indie Rock, British Indie Folk • 10am Gare du Nord | You | On the News “If you must leave, leave as though fire burns under your feet.” — “” Keaton Henson, is the reserved quiet guy you meet at every party. The person who is not loud nor quick to share, but when…