Andy Shauf: The Party

• 2016 • Anti/Epitaph • Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Pop •
Andy Shauf returns to the party (a casual one, I might actually enjoy) and as a good party guest he has brought the proper soundtrack for the entire evening.

Roll the Tanks: Broke Til Midnight

• Epitaph • 2014/05/27 • Alternative/Indie Rock, Punk Revival • 24th & Buckets | Broke til Midnight | Toeing the Line | *Hornet* “Getting older, now get off my lawn.” — “Hornet” The rockers call on rock and roll and a touch of punk to carry out some at times soft, but passionate ruckus songs. Roll the Tanks  

Bring Me The Horizon: Sempiternal

• 2013/04/02 • Epitaph • Metalcore, Alternative Metal • Can You Feel My Heart “I can’t drown my demons, they know how to swim.” — “Can You Feel My Heart” “Can you feel my,” screams as a reverberated “heart” shatters apart. The band plays with a piercing energy that provokes emotion from the listener. “Can You Feel…