Typhoon: White Lighter

• 2013/08/20 • Roll Call • Alternative Indie/Rock, Chamber Pop • Artificial Light | Dreams of Cannibalism | Post Script “Unhand me I am not a criminal, though I have played a guilty part.” — “” Typhoon plays music with the vibrato of an fifteen (+/-) headed monster. You can hear it in their power, destruction, but even in their genuineness. Typhoon

On An On: Give In

• 2013/01/29 • Roll Call • Alternative Indie/Rock • Ghosts | Every Song | All the Horses “I don’t want to be your stupid fling or your magazine that you look and turn the pages of someone else that you’ll never love.” — “Ghosts” On An On’s first record has a personal quality that is both haunting and cherished. On And On…