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Yeah, Mayonaise is spelled wrong. I know.  It’s an inside thing.

So, about the blog. This is a reboot of sorts. I took everything off and will be starting fresh. I hope you don’t mind. I aim to share my favorite albums and songs from the music I love as it ebbs and flows throughout the year, my ears changing along with the seasons.  If it isn’t on here I either a) don’t love it or b) just haven’t heard it yet. My goal isn’t to review music but rather to gather it here for you to formulate your own opinions – kinda like a cat leaving a mouse at your doorstep.  I enjoy the hunt.  What you do with the mouse is up to you.

Basically, I love music as I know you do and I’m happy when I can share that.

Blogging out of Eugene (which is darn close to Portland). As the locals say, Keep it weird!

Jay K

The person to blame for this blog

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