The Unthanks: Mount the Air

• 2015/02/17 • Cadiz Music • Indie Folk •
The Unthanks play with the edge of a composer’s mind for storytelling. They weave delicate strings and lyrics to tell sorrowful tales and they are always haunting and heartfelt.

Tigercats: Mysteries

• 2015/03/10 • Fortuna Pop • Indie Pop •
Tigercats release a low key affair. Their light on the surface approach allows us to take in the lyrics and get caught up in the excellent guitar textures throughout.

Grooms: Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair

• 2015/02/17 • Western Vinyl • Alternative/Indie Rock • Bed Version | *Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair* | Cross Off | Doctor M | Half Cloud | Will the Boys “I’m not scared of my cousin so I plan for a visit and I dress up exquisite now.” – COMB THE FEELINGS THROUGH YOUR HAIR Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair is one…